Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Thoughts. Kinda.

I was encouraged recently to type more about my thoughts on my blog. This was a nice encouragement, and on reflection, it does appear that I've been showing everyone what I've been up to, but not particularly what I've been thinking about. So I thought about what I've been thinking about. And this is what happened:

114/365 - Zan draws her thoughts.

Oopsie. Cake on the brain! Hahaha! Cake with sparklers! Hoorah! :)

My thoughts have been full of very practical things. When best to go to the bank, what route will allow me to collect the optimum amount of boxes for the next Pop-Up, where on earth I can get enough money together to pay my next year's tuition fees, and how best to use the time that is given to me. Very practical, not super deep, but all-consuming. Gets stuff done.

And of course, sometimes I think about cake. :)

Hoorah for thoughts :) And hoorah for people who actually read my blog :)

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