Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A Visit to Shazia's House

We had a bit of a housewarming at Shazia's house today, christening it with home made brownies and board games. Here are just a couple of photos:

126/365 - Zan enjoys the rainbows in Shazia's new place.

This is Shazia, telling me about her house. And also looking like she's holding the TV in her hand.

And this is a photo of Lee, perplexed at a round of Rummikub that we were having to celebrate the newness of the house :) It's a good game! :)

I took it easy today so I could rest up, but I'm shattered again. Glad I got to meet up with Shazia, Lee and Dave though, and hoorah for Shazia, and hoorah for friendships! :)

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