Sunday, 26 May 2013

Angel's Hen Do :)

Today we celebrated my friend Angel's up and coming wedding with a Hen Party! We all trooped down to London to see Matilda, the musical, and have some truly great food. Here are few moments that made me particularly happy:

142/365 - Zan enjoys the sunshine!

Here's me and Chris, near some roast duck and a giant orange squid.

The set looked amazing. I was immediately drawn in.

Here we all are, all 8 of us all blinged up (kinda) during Matilda.

There were blackboards everywhere, and you could write on them. Here's one I decorated for Angel :)

Yay, here's me and Angel :)

I really enjoyed my day. The show was amazing - really quite stunning, and the food was delicious. Of course, I had great company all day, and it was nice not to be completely rushed off my feet through super busy London, and truly take some time to enjoy it.

We had a great day out, and I really hope Angel enjoyed it too. Not long until the big day and there's lots to prepare! And we'll do it all together to make it awesome! :) Here we go Angel! :)

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