Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Cake Play

I was invited back to the Co-operative Academy of Manchester to do another Pop-Up Adventure Family Play Day today. It was mostly relaxing for the first half of the day. It might have been because it was raining, or perhaps because there were greater adventures elsewhere, but nobody came to my Pop-Up today. It made me a little bit sad.


It seems that the lure of baking isn't as great as the lure for play. The baking class next door to mine was captivating, sure, and the smells were amazing, yes. But after about an hour, some little heads peeped their heads around the corner to see what I was up to. And then I heard a little voice

"Where are all the other kids?"
I looked up. "They didn't come".
She looked at me briefly. And then we both lipped.

Soon after that, more little tiny bakers popped round the corner and then all of a sudden I had me a Pop-Up Adventure Playground. There was a spaceship going to Spain, and there was a house with a fence. There was also a floatation device, and home made wallpaper. More photos can be found the Pop-Up facebook page, apart from this one:

145/365 - Zan eats cake with a triceratops in a spaceship to Spain.
I type that sentence with utmost sincerity.

The day took a little bit to get going, but it finished off great. And I learned something new: no matter how wonderful cake is, the appeal of play will be greater, and even though I don't get to eat any real cake, there's still opportunity for cake play. :) Cake is awesome, but play is awesomer. It doesn't really get better than that for me :) Hoorah for a great day of play! :)

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