Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Emotional Cake

I was busy today. Not because I had a lot to do, but just because my cold has gotten to that stage where it's just congestion. In my brain. Constantly. It creates a pressured sensation in your head where, it seems to take a lot of effort to remain awake, let alone think.

I tried to make a batch of cakes to cheer myself up, and it ended up being the most miserable looking cakes in the world, with the weirdest texture, and the oddest taste. I hereby name them Sadness Cakes.

Most fortunately for me, I have some nice friends and family who - despite it's ugly appearance and sadness note (yes it came with a sadness note) - still had a cake each. They will be blessed in heaven, I tell you!

This post isn't all sad, of course. My friend Carissa, who probably didn't know at the time, brought me some cake today and presented them to me at work. And boy were they cakes! 

120/365 - Zan christens this cake Sad-Day's Happiness Cake.

I promptly ate this cake when I got home, but I have another one! I couldn't hold them both up to take a photo so I chose to photograph this one cos it was a little less messy. It was delicious, and the best part of my day today. Hoorah for Carissa, and hoorah for cake! :)

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