Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Favourite Moments from Today

I did another fantastical Pop-Up Adventure Family Play Day today at the Co-operative Academy of Manchester and had a great day of play. There were some brilliant moments, but these were my personal favourites:

146/365 - Zan gets a warm hug from a tiny twin, who pokes her camera with a tube.

This tiny twin is taken under the wing of blue shirt kid - "He can come in because he is small" - then they crawled in together.

This little boy was completely unsure about his surroundings, but soon found his way around and started to get comfortable with the environment, and with the playworkers :)

Another moment, which I couldn't take a photo of, involved our bank manager. He came to help out today as a volunteer and was a playworker for a day. He had to set aside his managerial instincts and allow the children to take the lead. The image I wish I'd captured the image of him looking all the way down at one of the tiny twins who was looking right up at him. He's 6 ft 4. It was a wonderful image.

It was a great day today - lots of wonderful people, and lots of great play. Hoorah hoorah! Now, I think maybe a nap! :)

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