Friday, 17 May 2013

Freebie Fridays - seeds, creams and a piece of kitchen work top

It's time for my weekly roundup of freebies! I receive them, collect them together over 7 days, then post a photo up here to show you my acquisitions.

There wasn't much in the way of freebies this week. I have to admit that I was far too excited by the actual post I got than the freebies I engineered to send myself. But I still got a few, and oh - I remembered an unusual free item I got a few weeks back:

136/365 - Zan smiles upon a few little freebies.
We have: 
1 packet of flower seeds
one sachet of skin conditioner
one thingy of moisturiser
and (the usual thing) a piece of kitchen work top. It's black with purple flecks - very pretty!

The freebies are building up again, so if there should be another week where I receive nothing at all, I will endeavour to have another freebie giveaway! It's all very exciting - and might be soon! :) Have a poke around the Freebie Showcase to see what you might be getting, and I shall pootle off and see if I can get any more before then! :) Hoorah for freebies! :)

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