Friday, 31 May 2013

Freebie Fridays - teabags, coffee and paint

My apologies for skipping last week's showing off of my weekly freebies - I was in London doing crazy London things. This week's free stuff isn't a massive hoard, but I'm happy:

148/365 - Zan enjoys her freebies.
We have:
2 herbal teabags
2 tubes of paint
1 sachet of caramel coffee.

I actually got some particularly cool free things for what I hope will be the next street party on my road. This all goes down to whether I can convince my neighbours to have another street party this year, but we'll see. And then I'll show you my freebies :) Hoorah! :)

Don't forget to visit the Freebie Fridays showcase! :) Hoorah for freebies! :)

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