Thursday, 30 May 2013

Making Post

To relax myself recently, I've been creating post to send. I like drawing, but sometimes my little paper creations just get added to the other stuff on my desk and then get lost. Making my own post means I get to share my stuff as well as make my post all fun and interesting. The drawings have a use now, and they won't be forgotten! :)

150/365 - Zan makes her own writing stationary.
This one is to celebrate a wedding that's far far away. Wedding number 7 that I can't get to, so I thought I'd send a little something :) More about the wedding craziness here.

Here's a little card for my friends who have just got a new home. Hoorah!

And this one is to reserve my place at a wedding - I think it should be wedding number 4? I might have lost count.

I haven't sent any of the postcards I made the other week yet. I'm not sure whether they will last the journey through the postal system - they might fall apart and then I'd be sad. But maybe I'll pluck up the courage to try it soon. Maybe I'll gift it to someone who can send them on my behalf! :)

Anyway, I'm going to watch some fun TV and ready myself for a day of productivity tomorrow! Rawrawrawr! :)

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