Thursday, 23 May 2013

On the Go

I love going on business trips. And for some reason, I find it enormously satisfying to get emails while I'm on the go. Maybe it's the old fashioned part of me that still finds it astonishing that I can keep in contact with people on a phone that has no wires. Maybe. It makes me really happy anyway, that I don't leave things unattended just because I'm away from my "office".

Anyway, I'm off around the country again. It's less of an adventure and more of a business trip, but it's still exciting for me. :) Today I hit Leeds and London, and I got a little perplexed with time and space. It seems as though I spent quite a lot of my day in train stations today. Luckily, they're pretty nice places to be in. I was a little in awe when I got into London at Kings Cross Station today:

141/365 - Zan does some fun station hopping.
When I saw this, I wondered why noone was looking upwards at the cool blue ceiling, but then I realised that everyone was staring at the departure board with an angry expression on their face. I guess if you see it every day, it's not special anymore.

So I had a meeting in Leeds with people from East Street Arts, and then I met my lovely supervisors at uni before I pootled down to London. Tomorrow I have 4 meetings, which is very exciting, and I hope I don't get lost! More soon! :)

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