Thursday, 9 May 2013

Photo Storm and Fabric Fun

It's windy and rainy outside today, which seems appropriate because I'm in the middle of a wedding photo storm! I had just started sorting out my brother's long delayed wedding photo album when I attended Sairah's wedding last Sunday. So now I'm up to my neck in photos.

No matter though, because I managed to have some Zan-happy fun today anyway, in the form of free in-kind donations to Pop-Up Adventure Play! My friend Dino, who works at Direct Linen, donated a sample of fabric offcuts to us. I think instead of "sample" you should read "super-lots" and instead of "fabric offcuts" you should read "treasure trove"! It was awesome. So much of my day that was supposed to be for doing something else was dedicated solely to the pawing of pretty fabrics. Dino said I could keep some too, so I have my eye on the purple pieces :)

128/365 - Zan marvels at donated items!

I've been putting the word out there to see if anyone in the North West of the UK wants to come down and pick some of this fabric up too. I genuinely only have a sample of what they have to offer. Dino says that they make about a van load of offcuts every week. Every week! Who wants some free fabric?

Hoorah for photos, and hoorah for free things! :)

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