Saturday, 11 May 2013

Princess Cakes

Recently, I explained my love of the colour purple and the dislike of the colour pink. So you can probably imagine the complex emotions I experienced when my lovely friend Ash announced that she wanted Princess Cakes for her leaving present. I didn't get round to telling her, but I actually spent about half an hour in the supermarket fighting the internal battle of how best to transform the basic fairy cake into princess cakes without compromising my pink-hating integrity.

How much pink do I want to purchase? 

I finally decided to try out some shimmery crystals. They looked pretty cool, and I gazed at the purple version for quite some time before putting the pink one in my basket. But it has happened, and now I own half a tub of pink shimmery edible crystals. The other half gave my cakes their princess-ness:

There they are! Vanilla cakes with a hint of lemon with lemon fresh icing.
Ash was really pleased with them. :) Yay! :)

130/365 - Zan accidently makes an optical illusion of her princess cakes.

I'm going to miss Ash. I'm so proud of her taking a step into a new environment and learning new things: progressing! I'm so happy for her! A couple of Christmasses ago, we started the same seasonal sales assistant job together, and despite irregular shifts, we always maintained some form of contact. This could be mainly down to being the only girls in a predominantly male workplace, or it could just be because I like hanging out with her. We have lots of fun together. 

I'm a little bit sad though. It might be that her leaving work reminds me of how little progress I've made. I'm still here. Okay, I've started a charity and a PhD, but I really can't help but feel a little, I dunno, sad? Jealous? Envious? I want to be working full time for money too. Sigh. Soon.

I got three hugs for Ash today. Three hugs. That, I tell you, is as monumental as me making pink cakes. And it's made up for it too. :)

Best of wishes to you Ash - we'll have to make sure we meet up so you can get an occasional cake boost :) 

Hoorah for Ash, and hoorah for cake, despite it's colour! :)

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