Monday, 27 May 2013

Tea and Cake, Friends and Family

My friend Ricky, that I met down in London a few weeks back, came up with Manchester to do the 10k (please sponsor him if you haven't done already!) so we took the chance to go have a giggle and a brew. We ended up having tea and cake at the Northern Quarter's Teacup and discovered that amongst the wonderful tea selection and scrummy looking baked goods, they also sold rainbow cake. Oh yes.

144/365 - Zan marvels over rainbow cake that is available for every day consumption! Nom nom nom!

Here's Ricky with his fish finger wrap. Oh yes, I'm not kidding - fish finger wrap!

This was the timer I got with my tea. I poured it at exactly 4 minutes and then realised my other half cup of tea would be super brewed. Ah well! :) Isn't it a wonderful timer? :)

When I got home, it started it raining and became a thoroughly dull looking afternoon. But that didn't stop me, my sister and brother-in-law going out to celebrate my parents' 32nd wedding anniversary! Hoorah for my parents! :)

Look at them, all parenty and happy and stuff! :)

Well, I didn't get much real work done today, but I did get everything ready for a Pop-Up Adventure Playground I'm having tomorrrow! Woohoo! :) Time to rest now - 2 big days ahead :)

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