Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Wonderfulness of Post

When I was in high school, I wrote letters to my friends. These were friends I basically saw every day at school, but we came to realise that sometimes in huge groups of people, there were things you wanted to say to one another that you simply couldn't in front of others - and there wasn't much chance to get people on their own. We could use the phone of course, and call them when we got home to have that quality one-to-one time, but that phone belonged to everyone else in the house too, and when I was around 15, that one phone line was in great competition with dial up internet too.

So with options limited, I used to write letters.

Writing takes on a whole new quality of language, emphasis and thought. Unlike typing, you simply can't delete. Each word is carefully considered (or obliterated if incorrect), and somehow, they're more truthful, more real. And more awesome. It takes time to write a page of words. And it takes thought to make those words wonderful.

After I left school, I still wrote letters to people. I wrote to my friend Nancy the most for a long time, but I also started writing to new friends that I met in college. My good ol' PMs also delighted in the written word as much as I did, and as a result I used to get so many letters. So many. And when we weren't together in college and couldn't pass on these notes of sentiment, we posted them. That's where my love affair with the post began. I love post. And all my friends know it too. Everytime they jetted off to their next destination I would always simply ask for a postcard as my gift.

My friends have had adventures that have taken them everywhere: globe-trotting, city-hopping, hall-swapping. When I looked back on my box(es) of post a few weeks back, I had letters from Hungary, Malaysia, Dresden, Italy. I have postcards from Singapore, China, America and Canada, as well as the standard-but-equally-as-awesome postal notes from Bury, Lancaster, Devon, London, Durham, Bangor and Bristol. Looking at these bits of paper, filled with scribbles, thoughts, ideas and adventures, I can't help but feel loved. These people have taken a moment out of their busy lives to write to me. These little moments really mean the world to me.

This week, I got two more little moments. One of them was from a regular poster, my college friend Ric (who really has a way with words, you should check out his blog) and the other one was completely unexpected and is from my friend Frank that I introduced to you all a few weeks back.

135/365 - Zan reflects on the wonderfulness of friends that post.
(It amused me for a minute that I was taking a photo of a photo)

Ric sent me a lovely photo of me, Shazia, Lee and himself from the curry we had when the PMs last were in town together. I frequently brim over with appreciation for my college friends - over 10 years now and we're still hanging out together whenever we can. These are people that I love and respect, and are genuinely awesome people.

I'm so chuffed at the moment, and feel quite loved. Great friends are hard to come by, and great friends that post is even harder. I hope you have a few of them in your lives :) Hoorah for friends, and hoorah for post! :)

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