Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Writing Has Begun

Last year, when I was writing my dissertation for my BA in Playwork, I baked a lot. It seems to be some form of therapy for me, and deeply saddened my Dad who wasn't allowed to eat any of it. I can tell that the writing had begun again, because I just want to bake constantly. I've started doing more PhD stuff now and guess what happen today? Two types of baked goods:

138/365 - Zan indulges in baking therapy.
These are lovely gooey nom nom nom chocolate brownies. :)

And these a  delicious buttery shortbread bites.

I only made a little of both items today, because they are gifts for some lovely people I'm meeting tomorrow. I found those little foil trays that are perfect to transport the brownies to someone as a gift, the presentation of which I have been pondering for some time. They'll work perfectly for mobile brownies. The shortbread's easy, I've packaged that before. :)

Anyway, hoorah for baking therapy, and hoorah for delicious sweet treats :)

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