Friday, 24 May 2013

Time for the Tube

Today, I had a lot of meetings. And going to meetings in London means you have to take the tube. I have really found the tube stations to be really quite pretty, and have taken a few photos of some of the things that caught my eye on way around:

141/365 - Zan admires London's Tube stations.
I really like this logo - it's a colourful elephant's footprint, signifying the Elephant and Castle tube station.

These steps are so shiney and very pretty, but I don't think the bajillion commuters would notice them on a daily basis.

There was some really cool mosaic work in the tube stations too. This one made me really happy.

I've always wanted to take a photo of the super long escalators in London. Here's one of them - not the longest, but it was a good clear shot that I really liked.

Lots of good thoughts came out of my meetings today. Some really complex thoughts too. So my brain is really full at the moment so I'm going to relax a little then go to bed. Tomorrow, I have a Hen Party to attend, which is going to be awesome. Hoorah! But until then, goodnight! :)

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