Saturday, 4 May 2013

Tiny Tiny Lego

A couple of days ago, I received a package from my friend Valerie that contained very exciting gifts: mini mini lego! Actually it's Nanoblocks to be precise, but dearie me, they were tiny and fiddly. And kept me busy for about 45 minutes! Here's how small they are:

The piece are so small, I keep accidentally flicking them!

When I first opened this particular package, I genuinely thought it was going to take the rest of the night to build my model, because there were like a bajillion tiny pieces to work through!

123/365 - Zan makes tiny sheep out of tiny tiny lego! :)

I was really chuffed with this little sheep. It's SOOO cute, and if you don't really pay attention, it really looks like real lego. But then you realise, wait it's about a quarter of the size! Amazing stuff. This definitely became the highlight of my pretty tough day. Hoorah for lego, and hoorah for Valerie's awesome post :)

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