Wednesday, 15 May 2013

To Sing and Dance

The weather was terrible all day today. And all last night in fact. But then unexpectedly the weather broke and gave us a beautiful evening.

I decided that I had to go out and have a walk in the dusk light. That took me to the huge park near my house where I was all on my own with my favourite music on the ol' mp3 player. I started singing, quietly to begin with because I was convinced there'd be people around, but then I realised that there really wasn't anyone there so I started properly singing. As my confidence soared, the joy within me spilled out. And quite happily my feet started catching up with the singing. So I danced.

134/365 - Zan sings and dances at the park.

When I got home, my heart was light and my spirits were lifted. There really is such joy in a moment to yourself, doing things you enjoy without anyone around you judging you or watching you. You do it how you want, and for your own reasons only. It's play I reckon, and I feel like I'm totally ready to face another day of challenging grown up stuff again. Hoorah! :)

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