Sunday, 5 May 2013

Zan's Wedding Craziness 2013: Wedding the Second

So I'm not sure if I've mentioned, but this year is a year of weddings for me. It is probably a record for me actually, because I have been invited to 7 this year, but sadly can only make it to 6 because the 7th is in Canadia for my friend Alvina's wedding clashes with my friend Angel's wedding which is in the UK. My first this year was in Oxford for Nadia and Pat's very white wedding. It was pretty awesome!

Today was wedding the second! It was my friend Sairah's wedding. Now, I know Sairah because I've been hanging out with her sister, Shazia, since college. The way our college friendships have always seemed to work is that if we get to know one person, we'll meet their whole family too! Sairah and Shazia asked me if I would be the photographer for the day, and I totally said yes - and I was very excited! :)

Now, I don't want to give away all the wedding photos before the bride and groom see them, so I'll just show you about the fun bits of my day that probably won't make it to the final cut. These are the little things that stole my attention from the bride and groom for just a second that genuinely made me smile.

Yay! Me and Shazia! :) Doesn't she look pretty today! :)

This little girl was playing quietly on her own, walking purposefully around a little pole, avoiding the raised line on the platform. I watched her for a couple of seconds before turning away to take some other photos.

When I had turned back, I realised that not only had the little girl convinced her big sister to join in the game, but she'd convinced someone considerably bigger to take part too! Priceless moments! :)

At a lull during food time, I had the pleasure of being fun company to these three little 'uns! The one on the left was in full toddler-speak mode, the little guy on the right was constantly squidging my bingo wings, and the young lady thought it was all hilarious!

124/365 - Zan takes part in her first Asian wedding.

Wedding number 2 for me will always be remembered. It's the first of it's kind for me, and it was so emotionally charged that it completely caught me off guard! I loved the colour theme, the cake, (and the moment when the top bit of the cake fell on the floor - noone noticed though! Haha!), the vibrancy of the clothing, the tradition, the procession, and how everything was such a sense of occasion. Haha, and the best bit was learning about it all on the job - I had no idea what was happening from one minute to the next so it was a constant challenge! :)

This has definitely been a great experience for me. I have lots and lots of photos (at last count, about 6gb) and can't wait to share them with Sairah's friends and family. I wish Sairah and Hassan the best for the future, and hope to hear lots of exciting stories about their trip to Thailand! :)

Hoorah for weddings! :)

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