Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Zippy Zip Zip

It's funny when you clean out you house how many forgotten things you find. Recent diggings unearthed a bag of zips which I promptly made use of, and now I've also made it into a rainbow:

127/365 - Zan plays with a rainbow of zips.

I love rainbows. I take photos of rainbowed things quite a lot. The most recent was yesterday at my friend Shazia's house, who also shares a love of rainbows with me. I also took another pic for my facebook profile of another type of rainbow, and also one of nature that I'm particularly proud of. It just makes me really happy to have all the colours. If I had to pick one colour, it will always be purple, but if I have to pick a few colours, I will always pick all of them. Apart from pink. I don't like pink. (Sorry)

So yes, hoorah for rainbows! :)

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