Sunday, 16 June 2013

A Three-Course Dad's Day:)

It's Father's Day today, and my Dad asked me for soup and a pizza. So that's what I gave him. Plus a little extra. :) For Father's Day, I made my Dad a Zan-made 3 course meal.

Here's the starter - home made vegetable soup and some zan-made bread rolls.

164/365 - Zan makes pizza from scratch!
We have a deli meat pizza here. I'm not sure what kinda meats, but they were yummy!
Pizza as big as my torso!

And for dessert we have a fruit and custard tart. Nom nom nom.

I'm super pleased that everything came out well. The soup was an odd colour and the tart had a soggy bottom but all in all, it was fantastic! We were all well fed, I managed to solve some riddles of my parent's dietary needs, and everyone was happy. My dad was really pleased today, and that's all I wanted. 

My job here is done :)

(I also had a moment of - why yes, I can make a 3-course meal. Which was also lovely.)

Happy Father's Day! :)

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