Thursday, 20 June 2013

A Tiny Celebration :)

Remember my friend Saffia? Well today I met up with her in Leeds because I needed to congratulate her on two great things: getting a new job and getting engaged! :)

We went to Patisserie Valerie to celebrate the occasion. I've been wanting to go to this place for about 2 years, and last time I was in Leeds with Saffia, I said to her that we'd go to celebrate something great. And today we did! Here are some photos:

Very excited for French-style foods :)

This is a croque madame. It was delicious! That's a poached egg on top :)

168/365 - Zan enjoys blissful cake. Absolutely blissful.
This was Black Forest Gateau. Perfect balance of flavour, sponge was light and the cream was smooth. Wow.

And here is my Saffia with our cakes. She had chocolate gateau (which was also delicious). And there's her ring too! :) Woohoo! :)

I'm really super chuffed for Saffia and all the good news. I'm so happy for her, and really want the best for her job and for the up-and-coming wedding! :) Woohoo! :) We had a lovely lunch, had fantastic cake, then a fun little wander round Leeds. It was great to catch up and just be super happy about happy things! :)

HAPPY! HOORAH! What a great afternoon :)

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