Sunday, 23 June 2013


As I watched the rain drizzle down today, I completed 8 short pieces of work for my PhD. I was very pleased because progress for the ol' doctorate has been going slow. But at last I have something to show for it. :) I'm super happy :)

After I finished everything, I sat back, played some computer games, and then did some drawing. No prizes for guessing what inspired my drawings today:

174/365 - Zan does some weather-inspired drawing.

I really like the effect that the black has on the page of slightly faded words. I also think it looks a lot better when there's a bit of colour on the page, wouldn't you agree? I've really been enjoying my book doodles. You can see my other drawing experiments here, here and here.

There's actually another unfinished weather piece to show you yet, but maybe we can leave that til tomorrow. Tomorrow! :) Hoorah for drawing, and hoorah for being productive! :)

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