Monday, 17 June 2013


There have been a few things going on with my life which have been making me go dotty. Absolutely round the bend crazy, and for the bulk of it, I reckon it's because I've been stuck at home. Cabin fever will have that effect on you after a bit, so I keep myself mostly sane with various baking experiments, photo projects and periodic disappearances from home.

Today? I went a bit dotty, to go with the theme. I've been keeping the punched holes of my hole punch for a while now and have decided today to do some photography with them:

165/365 - Zan goes dotty with dots.

I did manage to get some quality PhD time in today though, which makes me pretty happy. And a whole bunch of work done for Pop-Up Adventure Play. I'm pleased that although I'm feeling a little frustrated with the work I'm doing, I'm still being productive. That's a win in my book. Next task: to make everyone else happy. Bring. It. On.

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