Friday, 21 June 2013

Freebie Fridays - Giveaway Day 2013

Since I started Freebie Fridays many moons ago, I said that the week I don't get any freebies, is the week that I give freebies away! It happened around this time last year, and now it's happened again!

So allow me to announce:

Zan's Freebie Fridays Giveaway Day 2013!

This year, I decided to go for a little challenge. The person/people to correctly guess how many free teabags I have in the following photo wins a goodie bag of freebies! :) Ready for the pic?

169/365 - Zan sets up the Giveaway Challenge.

To win, you need to correctly guess the number of teabags in this box. You're not guessing the amount of separate packages in this box though. Nah, it would be too easy if I simply asked you to count what you see. In some of these sachets, there are more than one teabag. Oh yes! You need to guess the amount of individual teabags of all types. This isn't quite as easy as just a giveaway! :)

Answer and winners will be announced next friday (28th June). You can keep on guessing until I post the next blog up :)

So, please leave you guesses in the comments page of this blog (along with your name and email address too so I can tell you if you've won), or of course you can voice your guesses on the Facebook link I've posted up to tell you all about this. Wooohooo!

Check out the Freebie Friday showcase to see what you might be receiving! :)

Happy guessing! :) And happy Freebie Friday! :)

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  1. 29 from Wai Wai Wai. Who wants to put all those teabags in a jacuzzi to make a giant cuppa!


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