Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Ladybird Party

I went to the opticians today to get my eyes checked. Just a routine thing really, but today, my new lady optician wanted to dilate my left eye. So for a good 3 hours, I looked like this: O.o

With my redundant left eye that wasn't helping with any form of balance, I decided that I'd keep it closed so my head wouldn't hurt. But what do I do with just one eye? I had no sense of depth, so writing and reading was out of the question. I closed my eyes and had a think - what activity do I do that only involves one eye?


I decided to hang out in my sunny back garden with my good eye to the camera and look for things to take pictures of. It started off as one of those boring sessions - just leaves and trees and sky. But then I found some little critters that I absolutely adore: ladybirds! A whole party of them:

167/365 - Zan joins a ladybird party.

I was really pleased that I found so many ladybirds today. They were all on the same plant which I found pretty curious. I tried to find them elsewhere but apparently, that plant was where it was at. I don't often see the black ladybirds with the red spots and I saw three today so that was pretty cool. But I still like the red ones with black spots. They're my favourite.

Anyway, I think my eye is back to normal now so I'll do some things that require a bit more coordination. Hoorah for ladybirds, and hoorah for photography! :)

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