Monday, 10 June 2013


For about 3 weeks now, I've been looking for a new pair of trainers. I only seem to wear trainers - they go with almost every outfit I own and fits in perfectly with any spontaneous moment of play I have. I've finally found some new trainers, and they're gonna go on some fantastic adventures with me:

Hello new trainers! :)

For almost the same amount of time as I've been looking for new trainers, I've been wanting to make some bread. The process is so satisfying and fundamental that I just had this need to reacquaint myself of the bread baking process.

158/365 - Zan makes Z-bread!

I'm actually making another loaf as I type now - one that's loaf shaped due to household popular demand. Apparently, if I bake the bread in a loaf tin, the sandwiches will not be an odd shape. We'll wait and see.

Anyway, so that was my day. There was also some boxes involved, and I also saw Shazia, wrote some feedback for the Playworker Development Course and ate some fish fingers, but for all those moments, I didn't feel like taking a photo. So I didn't. :) It was a productive day though, so hoorah, and bring on another productive day tomorrow! :)

(And here's the photo of the loaf that's shaped appropriately for sandwiches.)

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