Thursday, 13 June 2013


It rained almost all day today. Constantly. Non-stop. If there's one thing that Manchester's weather's good at doing is raining. The great thing about it is that we basically never have a drought, or a hose pipe ban. The bad thing is that when it does rain, it's miserable. It's grey, it's lifeless, it's dull. And it makes you feel sad.

It does provide opportunity for photographic experiments like this:

161/365 - Zan plays with bokeh. It's what they call that artistic blur.

But because I live in England after all, and the English weather can change at a moment's notice, I was given blue skies and sun very shortly after messing about with the artistic blur:

Look at this sky! Dramatic clouds after a day of rain.

My head feels a little bit like today's weather, except I'm still waiting for the weather to break. I'm sure that the sun will come through soon so I can clearly see the blue skies.

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