Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Friend of the family, Jessica and her dad joined my mum and I for a fun ramble around parts of Lancashire. It was a really warm day today, and I was very pleased to be outside and in the sun! :) Here are some pics from our day:

152/365 - Zan goes on a sunny adventure. 
First to the antique shop.

Then we wandered past some mini horses.

We stopped off for lunch and a drink.

Then we went to find a windmill. I mean, wind turbine.

There it is! Isn't it huge? My fellow walkers are those tiny little figures at the bottom right of the photo!

There are my rambling buddies. Don't they look pleased? :)

Look! My hair is trying to imitate the wind turbine! :) Hahaha! And look at that sky - beautiful!

We moved on to explore a nearby glen. And we found a gate that has really has no reason to be there!

There's Jessica's dad, and my mum in the background there.

I was so excited about seeing a waterfall, can you tell?

I leave you with a photo of the bluebell woods we found. So pretty!

I had a really good time today, discovering new things and reminding myself of happy, sunny things. It's been a long time since we've had such good weather in UK, and I'm really pleased to have found some time to enjoy the warmth, and admire the greatness of the Great British countryside. I also realised that if the weather was like this all the time in the UK, then people would probably go on less holidays abroad and actually stay. It is absolutely beautiful here - we just need to see it in the right light sometimes :)

Hoorah for our rambling adventure, and hoorah for sunshine! :)

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