Sunday, 9 June 2013

Thinking About Play

Today, I have spent the bulk of the sunny day sat inside thinking about play. It's kinda the opposite of what I normally do, and it struck me as ironic that it's so easy to spend time thinking/writing/talking about play, but doing it is so difficult. It reminded me of the comment that my friend Ric left on my blog a few weeks back:
"It's kind of apt, not working on your play phd because you're too busy playing... wonder if that would work as a way of completing your course? I mean, it's not a work phd, if you were doing a phd on work you would have no excuse to be playing when you were supposed to be... working."
I've been thinking about this ever since he left this comment. I dearly wish that it would be part of my play PhD to actually play. I guess spending a moment each day at play helps to re-focus on why I play is important to me, and whenever I get to spend time with children, I remember why it's important to them that I complete my research, and continue working hard for my charity. I think it's important not to be out of touch with what I'm studying, and in the absence of playful opportunities with children, I must allow myself some time to get into the play state and enjoy some time doing stuff for my own enjoyment. :)

Here is a completely unrelated photo from my day of thinking. I snuck outside for a few minutes to get some sun, and to stare at green things. I hear they make your computer-strained eyes feel better. It worked.

157/365 - Zan takes a brief break from thinking about play, to play.
This is not a rose, it's a Camellia. It may also not really be red. But it looks nice slightly filtered eh?

When thinking, and typing, and reading, and studying gets too much, I walk away from it all. In the Winter months, it's down to the kitchen to bake, but in the summer, when it's nice like it has been all week, I go outside. I don't do anything in particular. I just stand outside and breath in the fresh air, and look into the distance, rediscovering life in 3D. And sometimes, things catch my eye, so I shuffle up stairs, grab my camera and then several clicks later, I'm refreshed, refocused and ready to work again.

And when going back to the computer doesn't yield any results, I just go outside and play again.

I love play, and I love thinking about play. But there is a balance, and I'm getting the hang of getting it right for me. :)

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