Saturday, 29 June 2013

Zan's Wedding Craziness 2013: Wedding the Third

Today, I was very honoured and pleased to be part of my friends Angel and Tony's wedding. This is the third of six weddings for me, so it also marks my half way point. I'd been given a role that gave me the rare treat of being involved in every part of the wedding, whilst also being as subtle as possible, by ensuring that the entire wedding would go according to plan.

It was super super busy, but I did get to part of the bride's day in a way that no other guest does, and since I've known Angel for a million years (16? 17 years?) it was actually very very nice. I have some nice photos too:

178/365 - Zan celebrates Angel and Tony's big day.
There I am with Angel! :) There's a mysterious hang attached to her head. Haha.

Here's Angel's bouquet, it's so pretty! My mum was the florist and did a fantastic job! :)

I sneaked a photo of the photographers taking photos! :)

Here's Angel with bridesmaid Fiona. The makeup artist is behind still working hard on the Angel beautification process.

And having spent a good long while stuffing Angel's dress in the car, there she is with her Dad. Doesn't she look beautiful? :D

After this series of photos, there wasn't any more time to whip out the ol' camera. I spent the day speedily buzzing to and from groups of people and making sure everyone was happy and taking care of all the tiny details. It was a lovely day and I met some lovely people, as well as getting to spend the time with old friends. 

The ceremony was beautiful, the buffet was epic and plentifully-catered, and the evening meal was meticulously crafted. In fact, I met a lot of very organised, flexible and diligent events people during the course of Angel's wedding, who made everything much much easier. I would like to give a special mention to Roy from the church, Jess from the pub and George from the restaurant. These people know how to do their job and should be applauded for their awesomeness!

This wedding was absolutely wonderful. The newly wedding couple glowed throughout and all the guests were pleased with the day. It was really exciting to be part of such a large event and am pleased that it all went well. I'm really happy for Angel and Tony - my biggest congratulations to them and the best of wishes for their married life together! Hoorah for Angel and Tony! :)

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