Saturday, 6 July 2013

A Hot Summer's Whale

We are experiencing a mini heatwave here in the UK and it's only 2 days in and it's HOT. I don't really mind the heat, but I do mind the hayfever. I have only just overcome a period of discomfort where my eyes were watering simultaneously with my nose running, making me feel a little bit like I was melting.

But, that moment has passed and I am now reflecting back on a lovely meal with my parents and friend of the family, Kit, and also the crafting of my new whale. Here's my whale first:

185/365 - Zan makes a colourful whale. 
It is totally and completely awesome, and was inspired my a pinterest pin from my friend Sairah, who's wedding I photographed a few weeks ago. It was a great project, super time consuming, but really good fun!

And here is another family barbecue:

Here's my dad, starting up the barbecue. So smokey!

Here's my Dad cooking for all of us. Those are Mum-made turkey burgers!

And here is my marshmallow at the end of the meal - I'm the only one who's allowed to eat any!

This might be beginning of an uncomfortable heatwave, but I'm pretty happy. I like it when it's warm, and I love it when it's sunny. This is perfect for my up-and-coming photo projects, and I'm excited about some sunny adventures too! :) Hoorah for sunshine, and hoorah for my new whale! :)

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