Thursday, 18 July 2013

Berries of Blue

Every so often, my parents shout me down from my room to the garden to help them collect the fruits of their labour. My mum and dad have spent every summer's day in the garden since I was very small, so digging, mowing, pruning and trimming sessions make up a lot of my childhood garden memories. I've always been very curious and excited about interacting with plants, especially to collect whatever edible delight they have produced. As an adult now, it's quite nice to have my parents stepping back and watching me curiously peeking at the plant that they just pointed at that they wanted me to de-fruit. Makes me feel like a little girl again.

Today, at dusk, my parents called me to the garden to pick some blueberries:

Look at the blueberries! The ripe ones are much bigger and bluer than the ones that aren't ready yet.

196/365 - Zan says hello to her first brand new blueberry.

A small bowl of blueberries! This has made me so happy! :)

It's not been the most productive day, but I have had a lovely little moment with my parents, and have also had some time to myself. And in my books, that's a good day. Hoorah! :)

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