Thursday, 25 July 2013

Celebrating Friends and Family

Some time around my birthday last year, I decided that I was going to spend my birthday this year celebrating the people I care about. So today, I did. I cooked a meal for some of my college friends and my parents - the few people I could get together in Manchester today. Here are some pics:

Here's some Zan-made quiche. It was delicious.

I dug out some potatoes from the garden, for a potato salad. I cut my finger looking for these gems, but it was totally worth it cos they were delicious!

My lovely college friends bought me some alien balloons.

I baked some sun dried tomato bread. Really yummy!

Here's me, making the base for the pizza.
I'm wearing the plastic glove because of my cut finger :(

Here's my pizzas! I think the recipe for the pizza base can now be added to my recipe compilation. :)

203/365 - Zan enjoys an early birthday with friends and family :)
This is the cake that my college friends made for me. It's very cheerful, and was really really yummy! Thank you Lee! :)

And here are all my cards and gifts. I think the owl card is particularly awesome! Yay! Thank you! :)

I'm so thankful for having wonderful people around me. I hope that my meal today shows them a little of how much they mean to me. I hope they enjoyed it :)

Anyway, off to watch some TV, and to look after my food baby! :) Hoorah for food, friends and family! :)

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