Friday, 19 July 2013

Freebie Fridays - stationary and yoghurt

It's time for the weekly examination of my freebie acquisitions! This week I have been surprised by the post a couple of times, and I also went out to go get some too. I've left it this late to show you all my freebie cos I left one of them in the fridge at work yesterday! But here they all are:

197/365 - Zan shows off her freebies.
We have:
a magnetic notepad
a pink highlighter pen
and an peach yoghurt

I've been inspecting the coca cola site realised that I could get me a freebie, so I went out to get my free beverage on Monday...

Here's my coke. I was a little disappointed that it was so small, and that they opened it for me :( I wanted to save it for my weekly photo. Nevermind, it was nice all the same.

I'm going to visit Gorton Tesco on 6th August to get my free personalised coke bottle. I'm very excited - it may be the first time ever that I'll have my name (spelt correctly) on any mass market product! Hoorah! Maybe I'll see some of you there, especially those of you who have unusual names! 

Anyway, those are my freebies, here is my showcase, and this is me: out! :)

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