Friday, 5 July 2013

Freebie Fridays - toothpaste and a pie

My freebie acquisitions have been a bit thin on the ground recently. It could well be because I've been really busy recently so I haven't had as much dedicated time towards filling in forms. No matter, because this lull has allowed for some quality competition action in the form of a giveaway, and has also given me the chance to source a pie. Yes a pie! Here's the pic:

184/365 - Zan smiles upon her freebies!
We have:
a little tube of toothpaste
and a pork pie

Today as I showed my friends Ash and Rick around the delights of a Chinese supermarket, I also stumbled across another freebie:

A portugese tart! :) Super happy! :)

So it's not a lot of free goods, but there are a few and I'm pretty happy. I'm hoping to increase my chances by getting out and about - that's where the goodies usually are! Anyway, don't forget to drop by the freebie showcase, and stay tuned for next week's freebie friday! :)

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  1. I like this, freebies that compliment each other - once you've eaten the pie, you need to brush your teeth :)


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