Monday, 1 July 2013

It's Simple

This morning I woke up and assessed my ability to function. Having spent the whole of last week in a non-stop blur of busyness (wedding stuff, conference, wedding), my mornings have been mostly damage control to work out how to last the day.

But good news - it appears that this morning's assessment was routine and normal, and aside from some very tired feet, I am ready, up and happy again! Hoorah! :) I think I am learning to appreciate every day that it really doesn't take much to be happy. I am understanding that waking up with a mostly pain free, healthy body, having food to eat and clothes to wear and being surrounded by people who love me is enough. I'm learning that being in a career that I enjoy, and having time to myself is more than enough. It is very simple. It is a blessing that I have been bestowed, and will protect by appreciating it at every available moment.

Every moment that I can laugh, see, eat, smell, drink, love and live is a moment to be thankful. Today, I spent some time doing just that.

180/365 - Zan enjoys the simple things in life.

I guess that's it really. I'm happy for the little things that give my life, life. Hoorah for simple little things :)

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