Wednesday, 31 July 2013

My Postcards, Down Under

I don't think it's a secret that I love post. I love it so much that I make my own and send them places. Here's a photo of my most recent creation, that I was making the other day:

More robo-post! Where will this one go?

I recently sent a robo-postcard to Pop-Up Adventure Play's Australian friends An Everyday Story. I thought it would take ages to get there, but only after 10 days, I received the most amazing photo:

212/365 - Zan revels in the awesomeness of post, and the joy of children.
The caption that goes with this photo is: 
"Elliarna was trying to read the card, but Anneliese kept turning it back over to look at the robots on the front"

I'm so happy that a) my postcard got to Australia (which is a very long way), b) that the recipients enjoyed the postcard (robots are sometimes hit and miss) and c) that I got to hear about the joy of children :) I don't think I've ever sent anything to a country quite so far away, and I'm super excited that my homemade postcards actually hold together! Hoorah! I think there are going to be loads of them now! Hahaha! :)

Hoorah for post, and hoorah for the peeps down under! :)

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