Sunday, 21 July 2013


I recently spotted a post on Pop-Up's blog friend An Everyday Story which was asking for postcards, so I had a think. I have made so many postcards so maybe I should send one to see if is strong enough to survive the journey to Australia! So I dropped them a line and joined in the fun, and here is a slightly more colourful version of my robo-postcard just before I posted it:

Goodbye colourful robots! Enjoy your adventure to Australia!

As I coloured the robots in, I realised that I'd never sent any post to Australia more, so it was pretty exciting. But of course, as soon as I stuck the stamp on and popped the postcard in the postbox, I instantly missed the robots. Haha. So I drew more! Here they are:

202/365 - Zan draws more robots to keep her company.

I'm so pleased I have more robots, and I'm excited about sending post to Australia. It's such a long way for a piece of robo-paper to go! I hope they make it okay! :) Hoorah for post, and hoorah for robots! :)


  1. Michelle Fitzgerald31 July 2013 at 12:35

    Wow, I am so excited to let you know your postcard made it safely to our letterbox all the way to Australia. The children love it and your postcard has inspired them to make our own too :-) thank you for brighten up our letter box today.
    Elliarna, Samuel and Anneliese Fitzgerald

    1. Thank you too, for making this possible. Hope to see some photos of your postcards soon! This is all very wonderful! :)


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