Friday, 26 July 2013

Slightly Older Little Zan

It's my birthday today, so no Freebie Fridays, just an exclamation of my leveling up! I'm Level 29 now! :) Hoorah! Many experience points and health points. That, of course, is a geek way of saying that I'm older and wiser now. Haha. Anyway, here are some photos of my day:

My dad bought me root beer. Best birthday ever!

I made quiches to take to the park for a picnic.

204/365 - Zan goes to the park for a birthday picnic.

There's mum and dad, and my shadow at the highest point of Heaton Park.

The 'rentals - looking very happy about sitting on the picnic blanket.

Here we all are, getting out the picnic. Lots of yummy food!

A squirrel joined us! Hello Squirrel! :)

Here's birthday cake 3, courtesy of Marks and Spencers. Such wonderful cake.

And here's me. Level 29. :) Happy :)

I had a nice day today, just quiet and pootling around with my parents. I played computer games, and watched CSI, and ate happy foods, and had cake. I saw a squirrel, and had awesome post, and finally solved the mystery of the free play books. It has been a great day, I feel very loved, and I know that the coming year will be a great year. A big thank you to everyone for my birthday wishes. You're all lovely! Hoorah! :)

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