Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Zan with a Naan and a Little Lady

Okay, I've just looked at my title and have realised it sounds like the name of a really bad film. No but really, that's a summary of my photos today!

I went to have a curry with Angel and some of her family today. I was very excited because as you all know, I absolutely love naan bread! Here are my two favourite photos of the evening:

Zan vs Naan 2013!
Yes ladies and gentlemen! Naan as big as my torso! :)

181/365 - Zan has a little play time with a little lady from LA.
She is adorable, and we had a load of fun jumping up and down, laughing and smiling! :)

It was nice to hang out with Angel and her family. I was also pretty excited to have a little bit of play time with the little lady. She's lovely because she doesn't really cry, and also really really enjoys her food! :) Haha!

Anyway, I'm really sleepy again so I'm going to go. Good food and good company today. Hoorah for food and hoorah for play! :)

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