Saturday, 27 July 2013

Zan's Wedding Craziness 2013: Wedding the Forth

Today I had the pleasure of being the photographer for my brother's best mates, Ian and Anna. Any friend of my brother is a friend of mine! :) Here are some of my favourite moments, which may not feature in the final cut:

205/365 - Zan plays photographer at another summer wedding :)

Hello Clem - weird how I can only see my own siblings during weddings.

Hog roast - oh my word, hilarious decorations! And delicious food! :)

Unfocused sibling photo! Hello Clem and Fiona! :)

Really cool first dance shot. Yay for Anna and Ian! :)

Here's the happy couple! :) Enjoying a laugh with some crazy singing.

I'm very very tired, but it was a very good day. The food was amazing, the venue was amazing, and the defining feature of this wedding? A tent, in a hall. Yes. Amazing stuff. I met some lovely people too. And a man in a top hat! Haha! :) My biggest congratulations to Anna and Ian, and I shall see you very soon! :) And so concludes wedding number 4 of 6. Two more to go! :) Hoorah! :)

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