Sunday, 11 August 2013

A Buzzing Garden is a Happy Garden

Our garden is currently being visited daily by loads of bees. We planted lots of wildflowers so that we could do our part to attract bees into our garden. I really like bees. Their bumbling selves fly with insecurity from one flower to another in a buzz of busyness that makes me smile. I love that they're fluffy too. I managed to spend some time with them today:

219/365 - Zan says hello to busy little bees.

One day, I will get a good shot of a bee in motion, mid flight. I'm pretty determined. But until now, you'll have to settle for a pollen covered bee. Hehee.

I also managed to harvest more of our delicious blueberries from the back garden - they're so fat and yummy now, and there are so many!

I never knew you could grow these you know! This is the 2nd harvest that I've recorded, but at least the 5th harvest this summer!

Anyway, time to get myself ready for another trip to Leeds tomorrow, and adventures in Yorkshire! Hoorah! :)

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