Thursday, 15 August 2013

Baker Me :)

I really wanted to bake some bread today, so I made me a white loaf. I used olive oil instead of the recipe's suggested butter so that there was a hint of olives in the bread, which smelled delicious, and tasted even better. It came out huge, and I was dead chuffed! Lookie here:

223/365 - Zan bakes a loaf of bread.
Didn't get to do the usual Mask-of-Zorro-inspired slashes on the top this time because I forgot to do it before I put it in the oven. I had to make do 3 minutes later by doing the one slash across the top.

I decided that I would have a roast turkey sandwich with my newly baked bread. It was a delicious idea. :)
And there's mum in the background enjoying her tea.

I'm very pleased about my baking today. And I'm excited that the parents are enthusiastic about the loaf too. That can only mean that it won't go to waste! Hoorah! :) I'm already planning a snack in the next couple of hours... :) Nom nom nom :)

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