Thursday, 29 August 2013

DIY Postcards

When I was at uni the first time round, I collected free postcards. It was a thing back then, mostly for creative advertising, but I loved going to the cinema, or the student union, and picking up these free post-able items to send to my friends. My growing collection got a little out of control so I came up creative ways for a postcard cull. Apart from sending interesting ones to friends, I take them to play events for children to use them how they will, and occasionally make postcard books.

With the upsurge of digital advertising, my free postcards aren't as easy to come by, so I've started to make my own! I like them to be nice and sturdy so they survive the postal journey so I usually make it in with 3 layers of recycled materials and from bits of artwork that I've produced or forgotten about. I make them so often now that I thought I'd talk you through a Zan-Made Postcard today.

Here's what I made today:

237/365 - Zan makes Zan-cards!

This is a photo of all the things I used. Oh, that's a Pritt Stick. I think in the US you have Elmer's Glue but it's not as good as Pritt Stick. I've tried. Oh, and yes that is a sharp knife, and yes I have adult supervision, haha.

Each layer:
1) A pretty piece of paper for the design - this time I'm using unwanted wrapping paper, but sometimes I use my doodles. Recently they have mostly been robots doodles.
2) A piece of recycled card or thick paper - in today's postcards, I have used an old calender cover but I've also saved old greetings cards, magazine covers and ring binder dividers for future postcards.
3) A plain piece of paper to write on - I usually use left over pieces of paper from other projects.

All you have to do really is stick them all together. I find that it's easiest to make the plain piece of paper the right-ish size to stick onto the card, cut to size, then stick both layers onto the pretty layer. When it's complete, the postcard is nice and thick and you know that it's going to survive the postal trip. I made sure too by sending it to Australia and it survived! :) I love sending post, and I love sharing the stuff I make!

More of my handmade postcards are slowly making my way through letter boxes around the world. I hope you all enjoy them, and send photos of yourselves with them! :) Hoorah for post, and homemade postcards! :)

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