Thursday, 22 August 2013

Faded Purple Blooms

Peeking curiously around my garden today, I found some purple things which I couldn't identify. At first glance, I thought they were tiny purple versions of the Chinese vegetables, pok choi.

230/365 - Zan discovers a little purple pok choi.

On closer inspection, I realised that they were purple flowers that had passed their peak awesomeness, and had fallen off the main plant that they were on, and turned into a mini purple pok choi. They look really pretty, and are a better purple now that they're dying, compared to when they were live and blooming.

Lots of little flower heads in a gorgeous shade of purple.

I'm really pleased at how well these photos turned out, capturing the colour of the flowerheads perfectly. Yaaay! :) I'm so happy! :) Yay! :)  I really really love this shade of purple. So do the Purple Monkeys - my college friends - who's namesake is for this very reason. Purple is the best colour, suitable for weddings, cake and dragons! :)

Hoorah for purple! :)

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