Friday, 2 August 2013

Freebie Fridays - sweets, cream, keyring and postits

I skipped a week of Freebie Fridays because I was busy celebrating my birthday. But the passing of 2 weeks has reaped the reward of more free stuff. Here is the photo:

210/365 - Zan admires her freebies!
We have:
a small book of really big postits!
a tiny packet of jelly beans
a trolley coin keyring
3 sachets of cream
4 (was 5) tubes of (absolutely delicious and addictive) chewy gummies
5 little ginger/caramel sweets

I should quickly talk about the gummies. They were being given away at Manchester train station the day that it was struck by lightning. The lightning part of the story really doesn't make a difference to the story, but is a cool fact! Haha. Anyway, so the station was in confusion mode and I ended up wandering around to find my train to Leeds to get to my Confirmation of Registration meeting. Purely by accident, I kept wandering past the peeps that were giving away the sweets and ended up scoring 5 tubes! FIVE TUBES! Needless to say an entire tube had disappeared magically before I got to Leeds... Hoorah! :)

Anyway, go see the rest of my goodies on my Freebie Fridays showcase, and go and investigate some freebies of your own with sites that I regularly visit, right here and here. Hoorah for freebies! :)

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