Friday, 9 August 2013

Freebie Fridays - washing powder tablets

It's been a quiet week on the freebie front. I missed an opportunity for a freebie - a free coke! :( I ended up being really busy on Tuesday and couldn't queue up to get my personalised coke. I'm slightly gutted, but it was for the greater good :)

Anyway, so here's my lonely freebie:

217/365 - Zan gets excited over purple freebies.
I know I said that I only got the washing powder tablets, but they came in the most wonderful shiney purple jiffy bag that completely made my day. So I'm counting it as a freebie! Haha! :)

I've had to lay off the postal freebies because of one reason or another (also hinted at on Tuesday) but that's okay. I seem to come across freebies for by chance anyway, so I'm sure there'll be more to report on next week :) Hoorah for freebies, and hoorah for Freebie Fridays! :)

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