Thursday, 1 August 2013


My mum and I went to poke around a fabric shop today. I absolutely love fabrics, and have a particular affinity to free fabric, so at the store I was mostly captivated by the haberdashery. That's a posh word for "bits and bobs to do with sewing". I was mostly excited about all the colour really, and I almost got in trouble for taking photos (people are way to sensitive about this) but the store's head office just laughed at them. HA! Here is a collage of my pics:

213/365 - Zan goes snap happy with colourful haberdashery!

I couldn't leave the store without a little purchase, and came away with minimum damage. You may remember that I really got into knitting a while back. I'm hoping that my new purchase will get me back into that:

Yay for black and teal wool! I'm going to knit a scarf :)

Okay, so I'm going to get some length on this scarf, and enjoy the super hot evening that I've been blessed with. Hoorah for knitting and hoorah for haberdashery! :)

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