Monday, 26 August 2013

Playing with Bees

After the excitement of the wedding on Saturday, and the adorable cupcakes, I thought I'd spend some quality time with some bees. The bees in the garden have been very busy, and I love watching them, but today, I was determined to get some good pics in. Here is a selection:

234/365 - Zan enjoys some time with the bees in the garden.
I wasn't quite close enough to this bee to get wing detail, so it looks like a flying blob, hahaha.

Look, this one's flying at me!

If you zoom up close, you'll be able to see it's fluffiness, and all the pollen all over it!

This photo is really cool. I think the bee was getting some juice from inside the un-opened flower, but it kinda looks like it's riding the flower!

I'm really pleased that I got to spend some time playing with the bees. They bumble around in the funniest way, and make me so happy! Happy happy bees, happy happy Zan! :) Yay for bees! :)

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